photoJohn Wrightway was just an average man trying yo get home to home to his family for Christmas. There was one thing stopping him from getting home, a BLIZZARD. Every one else that was in the office building were to scared to go out to the garage to go home but John was a tough man and decided to try and get out. Luckily he did but unfortunately he got knocked out and got put in a coma for 2 years. His family died of depression and very weirdly he started breathing out ice when he awoke, The doctors started running around crazy trying to do tests on him but he just walked out no one knowing he had left. After doctors started to notice he was gone they all fainted! After John left the hospital every one started to look at him weird because they thought he died. All of a sudden he found out what he could do, then someone told him what happened to his family. John just stood there for a seconded then took off without another word. He knew he had to save the world for other peoples lives and in honor of his family and there he was standing Blizzard.


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