Super Heroes Made By Me: White Dragon-Orgins

hero-orgins As a kid Zack lived poor and had to share a room with 5 other people in a room that was only 5’x5’. The kitchen and living quarters weren’t much better only being and area of 7’x7’. On Zack’s free time he would use his bow and arrows that he worked on after school so he could try to make the archery team for school, but when he wasn’t practicing archery he was wrestling for his school’s team. When the results came in for the 1999-2000, team he was in 3rd for the results. When the time came he wanted to try cross-country but quit because he thought he wasn’t good enough and the other kids would make fun of him and call him slow. In the year 2001 after coming from a wrestling tournament his parents and 2 others were killed, at this age he was 14. Zack and his other two siblings couldn’t stop crying and wanted to set out to find the murderers and bring them to their justice. He practiced his Running, Archery, and Wrestling for strength so he could become The “White Dragon” in a dojo in japan.He would also later unlock the powers of the White Dragon and use it at necessary times. Later on his older brother Ryan joined the dark side because he knew if he tried to stop them he would be killed to. In 2003 at the age of 15 he found the love of his life Angel and they had a kid named Zack B. Wilson Jr. in 2010. Only Angel wouldn’t last long after the kid but Zack still couldn’t control the powers of the white dragon. He didn’t want to kill anyone else, she was murdered a month after the baby was born, Zack knew that he could not let the Jr. out in battle or he would die to but he trained him just incase anything happened. Later after training of the Jr. he was disobeyed and Jr. fought in a battle but still survived, and this kid called himself “Death Arrow”.



Personal skill






Overall percent


Real Name

Zachary “Zack” Wilson


No powers but terrific Archer Skills

Eye/Hair color



Gods of Nature/Force Fighters


The Drill Bee/

Dark Sorcerer


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