Super Heroes Made By Me: Shade-Orgins

hero-orgins-2Shane unlike the other heroes was born with his powers. His father had invisibility powers while his mother could absorb color from any object, only when Shane was born the powers of his parents had mixed so that he could camouflage himself. At the age of 3 he learned he had powers but couldn’t feel them and at age 5 he could use but not control his powers. His teachers didn’t know he had powers so sometimes he would be said to go missing when really he was non purposely using them. Shane had a really tough childhood because he had to be trained instead of playing like other kids. At age 13 he could control his powers and sent of to the WDA (White Dragon Academy) so he could learn how to use his powers for good because at that he time he used them for trouble making and pranking. After being sent off at age 13  he graduated the school at age 18 and became a superhero. Then at age 26 went back to the school to teach there where he was in reverse of him being a teen and he had to deal with troublemakers. After 5 years of teaching his hero level was promoted to pro along with White Dragon, Shape Shifter, and more like Lightning boy.




Personal skill






Overall percent



Shane O’brian


Blend in with anything

Eye/Hair color

Blue/Light Brown


Force Fighters


The Dark Forces Crew



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